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East Vincent crash sends a victim to hospital by chopper

By Frank Otto,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

EAST VINCENT — A Toyota Echo reportedly rolled over at least once in a crash late Sunday afternoon.
One person was airlifted to Paoli Hospital following the crash, which occurred shortly after 5 p.m. on the 300 block of Ridge Road just past Ellis Woods Road.
East Vincent Police Chief Matthew Williams confirmed there were four occupants in the silver sedan and two were hospitalized. One was flown via helicopter from a field next to East Vincent Elementary School with unknown but serious injuries and a second was taken via ambulance to Phoenixville Hospital with minor injuries.
Identities of those involved in the crash were not disclosed Sunday.
Although police could not confirm it, a vehicle reportedly pulled out in front of the eastbound Echo. On scene, it appeared that the Echo swerved to the left, crossing the westbound lane and creating ruts in the mud on that side before swerving back to the right to avoid a utility pole.
Apparently, that’s when the vehicle rolled onto its roof, continuing across the roadway until it came to a rest, upright and facing southwest. The Echo bent a “Do Not Pass” sign next to another utility pole just off of the road’s eastbound lane. Damage on the back, driver’s side indicated it may have contacted the pole.
An investigation into the crash is ongoing.
The roof of the car was bent upwards to a peak and the front windshield spiderwebbed. The back windshield was completely blown out.
On the back, near the relatively undamaged trunk were two yellow, magnetic softball decals. Near the driver’s side door a violet and white bottle of hairspray rested in the grass.
In addition to the East Vincent Police, officers from East Coventry, West Vincent and East Pikeland responded.
The victim who was airlifted was first treated in the back of a Friendship ambulance. A woman, presumably the victim’s mother or relative, crying, tried approaching the rear of the ambulance but was held back by a teenage boy. Once a police officer came over to assure her the victim was alive she tearfully hugged the boy who’d been holding her back.
On the roadway, there was a trail of shattered glass and debris, including broken-up hubcaps, a CD with Sharpie labels on it, a hair product bottle containing orange liquid and a broken 40 ounce Budweiser bottle.
As officers from the various departments moved through the debris, they pointed out white marks on the pavement.
“There’s where another wheel hit,” one officer said to another as they walked.
Another teenage boy was seen filling out something on a police clipboard sitting on the side of the roadway. It was unclear if he was just a witness or an occupant from the car.
Police were unable to confirm anything, but the driver who reportedly pulled out in front of the vehicle was described as a white male in his 20s.
In addition to Friendship, Goodwill and West End Fire Company Ambulance responded to the scene.
Ridge Fire Company also responded, with fire police blocking the road to traffic into Sunday night for the investigation.
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