Kimberton Waldorf School presents ‘Brigadoon'

KIMBERTON — Kimberton Waldorf School invites the public to its production of the Learner and Lowe Classic Musical, “Brigadoon” for a music filled evening with dancing, singing, and a story about miracles and the power of true love.

The musical will be performed on March 7 at 7 p.m.; March 8 at 7:30 p.m. and March 9 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. Kimberton Waldorf School is located at 410 Seven Stars Road, Kimberton.

Anything is possible in Brigadoon! In 1812, there lived a small village in Scotland called, Brigadoon. The townsfolk who dwelled there were concerned about the ever changing world around them, so in an effort to preserve their simple quality of life, everyone in the town made a sacrifice: To disappear from the earth when they went to sleep each night, and when they would awake each morning, it would be 100 years later. In this manner, the townsfolk of Brigadoon wouldn’t live in a century long enough to be changed by it. Should any of the villagers choose to leave, the village and it’s townsfolk would disappear forever.

Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas drop in from New York for a game-hunter’s vacation in the Highlands of Scotland, and find themselves a bit lost in the mist. The year is 2012. As they search to find their way, Tommy and Jeff discover Brigadoon as it returns for its day right in front of their eyes. They can tell something is different about this town, but are temporarily wrapped up in its magic and simplicity.


As they approach the town square, Tommy meets Fiona McClaren and quickly falls in love with her. As he soon learns the true story of Brigadoon, he must choose to either leave the enchanted town and return to his life in New York, or sacrifice everything for Fiona and stay in Brigadoon forever. Confused and torn, Tommy reaches out to Mr. Lundi, the elder sage in the town, who endearingly reminds Tommy that, “When you love someone enough, Lad, anything is possible.”

Tickets are general admission and can be purchased at the door one hour prior to the show. Ample seating is available.