Tyrrell's Tidbits: I'm baaaaaaaack!

Heather Tyrrell
Heather Tyrrell

By Heather Tyrrell


For me itís been a fast three months, but I am happy to be back at work, getting reconnected with my community.

As I am writing this, it is my first day back to the office. My son, Logan, was born on November 30, 2012, at Phoenixville Hospital. Before I delve into the future with my columns, Iíd like to fill you in my life from where we left off this fall.

The last time I was working was my due date, November 29, 2012. I was working from home so I would have an easy time getting to the hospital.


Itís uncommon for babies to be born right on their due dates, but Logan, taking after his usually punctual mother, was determined to enter the world ďon time.Ē

I started feeling some pain in the morning, but as the afternoon continued, the contractions were getting more intense. I was told if I felt contractions to get up and move around so I took a walk. I was determined to get things rolling. I didnít want to be induced.

I told the doctorís office about some other things I was experiencing, and they wanted me to come in. As I was in the waiting room, my water broke. It was official that the baby would be coming soon.

I called my husband and he met up with me at the hospital which is conveniently right next to the hospital. I called my mom to let her know we were at the hospital and my husband made the other calls to our family members.

The contractions werenít too bad for a while. The doctor asked if I was ready for an epidural. I said I was feeling OK, but she said that if I wanted an epidural, that was the time to get ready for it. I didnít realize labor was progressing so fast. Iím very glad that the anesthesiologist was called at that point, because shortly after that conversation, my contractions were basically unbearable. I had to squeeze my husbandís hand when I felt each one. After the epidural, it was easy street. I couldnít even feel the contractions.

Our parents visited us in the hospital before the hard work of pushing began. Only my husband was there for the delivery.

Several hours later, I met my son. We had been ďliving togetherĒ for nine months and I had seen this being in ultrasound photos, but it was incredible to lay eyes on him for the first time. I loved the fact that I was going to have a baby when I found out I was pregnant, but it was hard to imagine what he was going to be like and look like. When I saw him, I knew I loved him so much that I would do anything for him.

I was relieved Logan was finally here and thought, ďOK, I have a baby, now what?Ē My current self would kindly remind my past self that a normal sleep schedule for me was not in the cards. Every time we put him in the crib or bassinet, he would freak out. Unfortunately, the bedtime routine eventually became dressing him in a furry bear outfit and placing him in his car seat while blasting the fan over the stove.

We celebrated Loganís first Christmas at our house. He had a fussy Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day was better. I bought him a red and white striped Christmas outfit that had Santa feet. It also came with a Santa hat. My husband and I are suckers for baby clothes. Fortunately, we have hand-me-downs from my nephews otherwise we would spend a fortune on clothes!

After a month and two months, weíve really seen Logan become more active. A while ago, my husband played some music for Logan and Logan really liked it. When we figured out the baby liked music, I played Pandora Radio for him and danced with him. (We like the Temptations channel the best. Itís the oldies, but goodies and there are no swear words in the songs that I can recall.)

Just recently, Logan has been reaching for his toys. In the bouncy seat, he reaches for the turtles and frog that are connected to an arch and in his bassinet he reaches for the owl toys.

I love making him smile and laugh. Of course right before I want Logan to go to sleep, he likes looking at my husband and belting out happy squeals.

I think ďfurchildĒ Ben the cat has felt a little left out that he is not the center of the attention anymore, but he accepts that a new ďcreatureĒ lives in the house. Often when Logan and I are hanging out on the couch, Ben will jump up and sit with us. Logan has been pretty oblivious to Ben but I helped Logan to pet the cat. Logan was very calm and seemed to like the soft texture of the fur. When Logan has a meltdown, Ben wonít put up with it. He dashes off of the couch to the dining room where itís not as noisy.

Motherhood has been great. Itís not easy all of the time, but the work is worth it. It may be a cliche to say having children changes your life, but itís the truth. I wouldnít have it any other way.

My husband and I are very thankful to everyone that took care of us at the hospital during our stay. Doctors and nurses were very helpful and willing to make sure all of our questions were answered before we left.

Also, thanks to the readers and community members that sent me cards! It was nice to know people were thinking about me while I was out on leave.

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!

Have any advice for me, the new parent? Email me, editor@phoenixvillenews.com.

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