PAHS playing fields project continues

Photo by Barry Taglieber
Workers put pellets on Phoenixville's new multi-turf field.
Photo by Barry Taglieber Workers put pellets on Phoenixville's new multi-turf field.

PHOENIXVILLE - The project involving building new athletic fields at Phoenixville Area High School continues with only minor delays.

Two new softball fields, one for varsity and another for junior varsity, have been completed at the site of the former Doc Kennedy Field for baseball.

A turf field for multi-sports use has also been completed on the grounds of the old Phoenixville Area Middle School building.

The only portion of the plan facing a delay is the baseball field, also to be found on the grounds of the former middle school complex.


Stanley Johnson, executive director for the Phoenixville Area School District, gave details and updates on the status of the fields.

The two softball fields have been completed from a sod point-of-view, said Johnson. Fencing is in progress. There have been some problems in the infield with the dirt skin infield. Some will have to be replaced. The fencing should be ready in March. We are right on schedule with it.

The turf field will provide a welcome addition to the turf Washington Field that has already been used for football, field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.

The turf field is completed and is ready for use, said Johnson.

During the spring, the turf field will be mainly used for boys and girls lacrosse while in the fall it will mostly be used for boys and girls soccer plus field hockey.

There have been some setbacks concerning the construction of the new baseball field. Johnson said athletic director Tony Palladino and the baseball coaches have been informed that the baseball field will not be ready for use until May 1. The delay is due to the recent cold weather during the winter months that postpones applying sod.

We are putting down the infield base line and skin portion of the infield, said Johnson. The pitching mound has been installed and the top soid has been installed with the infield, outfield and foul lines. The warning track was installed today (Thursday, Jan. 24). As soon as that is completed, fencing installation will start.

The problem is with the sod for the infield and outfield. It has been pretty cold weather. The temperature has to be around 40 degrees to put sod down. The forecast is for three days of good weather next week so then the company will come in.

Johnson said the baseball project is roughly a month and a half behind schedule.

Johnson said since the baseball field will not be ready until May 1, the Phantom baseball team will have to use road sites for its early home games on the schedule. However, the field should be ready to go for the second half of the schedule as well as the upcoming Senior American Legion baseball program this summer.