In the spirit of giving

This is the time of year that we begin to get “The Christmas Spirit” and remember the reason we celebrate this day. It is a time to reflect on the Christmas’s of our past. The wonderful time spent with friends and family. How wonderful it felt to give a token of our love with a gift to friends and family and even strangers that need a hand. Truly, as our Lord tells us “It is better to give than to receive”. How many of us only practice this giving at this time of year? Too many of us, I fear.

We need to remember all the people that give of themselves for the enrichment of others every day of the year! The service men and women who give of themselves for their country and for each and every one of us including the ultimate sacrifice, their life and limb. The people that work in Hospitals, food Banks, Church ministry and special outreach programs like Project Prevention at Phoenixville Hospital. One person in Project Prevention has touched my life in a very positive way. Her name is Barbra O’Connor RN., CDE. She has been coming to King Terrace to check blood pressure, educate you on medicine you are taking and diabetes where to find resources etc. She goes well beyond her normal duties to help people lead rich and fulfilling lives. She becomes a trusted care-giver you can depend on. She saved my life a few years back.

If not for Barb I would not be here to write this! Barb has been a very dear friend to me and I can find no words to adequately thank her. I know that there are others like Barb in our community and I wish I could thank each of them publicly.

My final thoughts are trying to keep the Spirit of Giving going on all year in each one of us! Can you imagine the results?? I decided that for my New Years Resolution I am going to try to keep that Spirit alive in myself and maybe inspire others to do the same.


Bruce Downs