Collegeville resident wins Redner's Family Expo contest

Eric B. White, John Bell and Courtney Gallagher.
Eric B. White, John Bell and Courtney Gallagher.

On Saturday Rednerís Warehouse markets of Collegeville presented a store credit check in the amount of $2,600 to Courtney Gallagher.

Gallagher was the winner of a drawing she entered held in early November at the Rednerís Family Expo in Reading, PA. Gallagher was touring the different exhibits at the expo, including the Rednerís exhibit.

ďShe filled out a form and dropped it in the box, and then the Wednesday after the show it was drawn in front of witnesses,Ē said John Bell, who produces the expo for Montgomery Media.

ďIím a little shocked,Ē said Gallagher. ďI never really won anything before.Ē Gallagher said she is thinking of using some of the grocery money to buy food for an upcoming Christmas party she is having.


Eric White, a Consumer Communications Specialist for Rednerís handed Gallagher the check.

ďThis was the first year weíve actually drawn a winner outside of Berks County,Ē said White. ďItís pretty significant. I was excited because it shows weíre getting some spread and reach to the event.Ē

White said the prize is the culmination of the event at the expo. ďWeíre able to showcase a lot of the products that we have. Itís a huge event for sampling. Nobody leaves the event empty handed.Ē

White continued, ďItís a great thing for us to highlight how weíre family focused, employee owned and locally owned. A lot of the great products that you can get in stores, in your community and supporting a local business, but also see the variety that we have. Having a yearís worth of groceries or whatever evaluation it takes now, is an exciting way to culminate the event. It comes at a good time of the year.Ē

Rednerís Warehouse Markets has been the title sponsor of the family expo for all six years.

Bell said Montgomery media produces the Family Expo. ďWeíve been very blessed to have Rednerís be the title sponsor all six years. Itís what makes the family expo, the family expo,Ē said Bell.