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PMYC volunteer Edwin Walters is honored for service

By Barry Sankey, Phoenixville Reporter Item

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
CHARLESTOWN - Longtime Phoenixville Marian Youth Club (PMYC) assistant coach Edwin Walters, who is also a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at PMYC fall sports programs as well as being an assistant firefighter in Phoenixville, was recently honored as one of four “Champions of the Community Awards” for 2012.
Walters was among those honored during a Nov. 8 luncheon at the Phoenixville Country Club. PMYC football commissioners Dave Gyuris and Karen Taphorn attended the luncheon.
Walters received a $2,000 check for his efforts with PMYC and as a firefighter. He in turn donated the money back to PMYC in his name during “Super Sunday” activities Nov. 15 at Charlestown Park.
Walters has been an assistant coach with the Little Brothers Cardinals for the last 15 years. During that same time span, Walters has also assisted with such other necessary functions as stacking bottles of Power Aid at the snack bar or holding the end of a string line while the field lines get painted or performing his EMT duties in case of injuries at practices or games.
Gyuris estimated that Walters has spent some 3,500 hours of his time volunteering at PMYC during his tenure. Ed’s son, Bryan, played at PMYC, and he has also received abundant support from his wife, Cindy.
Fortunately, PMYC has been lucky to not have any major injuries despite the violent, physical nature of a contact sport like football.
“It is nice to be honored,” said Walters, a 1980 Spring-Ford High School graduate. “I love what I do. It takes a lot to do it. I was raised to watch out for others and my family.
“At PMYC, nobody has to be here. I felt compelled to be here. I enjoy it. We are thankful that no one has ever been seriously hurt for broken bones.”
Walters said he has received plenty of support from PMYC officials, coaches and parents of the youngsters.
“They put their trust in me so it means a lot to be honored,” said Walters. “It means so much. I love it. After this year, I will contemplate for next year. I always prepare to make things better. The present staff at PMYC is wonderful.”
Walters also serves as assistant fire chief for Phoenixville Fire Company. He has been a member of the department for 33 years and has worked his way up the ladder during that long stint.
“Last year was exciting getting the role and responsibility and taking it,” said Walters. “It’s a lot.”