Letter: Phoenixville Candlelight Holiday Tour committee hard at work

The law of averages states that eventually the shoe will drop. I keep waiting. It never drops. There is no question in my mind that our Phoenixville Candlelight Holiday tour is not only meant to be, it is truly blessed. Our dedicated committee met again last evening and all I have to say is this one promises to be one of the best ever. I hesitate to use that phrase, as each year the wonderful homeowners and loyal patrons support us beyond measure and each years tour holds its own magic. They would not want me to do this, but too bad, guys. You are the best and I want the public to know how great you are, so here are their names, everyone: Margaret Howard, Suzanne McGinley, Sandy Zimmerman, Betty Miles, Maureen Maksimoski and Sheila Klement. This group has stayed together year after year, as we truly enjoy each others company and we are by now a well oiled tour machine, trust me! I am particularly pleased this year to have many of my neighbors here on Church Street placing their homes on the tour. This tour absolutely makes the statement that its best to buy in town and live right here. As you walk around the tour route this year you are going to be thrilled with these warm, inviting homes. I always say the people who live in the homes are more beautiful than the homes themselves. Right here on my block we have young families with young children who have bought down here on purpose, just like me, displaying our hope in Phoenixvilles future and making the statement that this is a great town in which to live and raise a family. I am so grateful and honored to be a part of this enduring event.

Love and advance happy holidays,

Jan Swarr