Letter: In reply to voting frustrations...News flash, it was your fault

This e-mail is in response to the editorial written by Heather Tyrrell in the November 10th Phoenix about her voting experience.


Are we all willing to believe that everything that happens to us is someone elseís fault? Donít we have any personal responsibilities in life? I commend you for taking the time and energy to vote in this election. However, the difficulties that you experienced could have been easily averted by you had you paid a little more attention to detail. Letís try to count the ways. 1) Did you ask when you got your marriage license and changed your name if your voter registration would be automatically updated? 2) Did you ask when you renewed your drivers license if your voter registration would be automatically updated with your new name and address? Have you changed your address on you license since you moved? 3) Did you file a change of name with voter services? 4) Did you file a change of address with voter services. Is it your responsibility or the governments to accomplish these simple tasks? Itís your responsibly.

You say you voted in 2008. NEWS FLASH, you missed the last seven elections. Three general elections and four primaries. Is that how you exercise your voting privilege? Do you think that voting once every four years for the president makes you a responsible voter? I would think the editor of a news paper would be more conscientious. I certainly would not want everyone reading the paper to know that I didnít vote regularly.

You also complained about the lack of technology at the polls. You said that the paper ballot was archaic. However, the system in place in Chester County is the simplest for people to use and your ballot is immediately scanned and registered. It is a system that older folks who have difficulty can easily manage. It is also very efficient. Mechanical systems break down and can be manually manipulated. History has shown that they are not fully reliable. Many older voters are wary of the machines and like to make sure their vote is counted. The way the system is now is both efficient and financially manageable. Taxpayers can not afford to have computers in every booth so that tech savvy voters can feel comfortable.


Your last statement says ďif our legislators want us to vote it should be more convenient.Ē Just how convenient do you want it to be? Going to the polls today is as convenient as it has ever been. Poll workers are volunteers that take their time so you can vote. They are not state, federal or county employees. The receive about as much for that days work as it cost to buy their lunch and dinner for the day. We have absentee ballots for anyone who can not get to the polls. We have judges of election at each polling place that will bring ballots to the car if a person is unable to go inside for physical reasons. I know all the tech geeks want to vote through their computers so they donít have to leave their desk but we are just not there yet. Itís time to stop complaining and take some personal responsibly.

My name is Barry Hagan and I was county committeeman here in the area for many years. I have seen how hard the folks at voters services and our poll workers work to make your experience at the polls enjoyable. Next time instead of complaining about a bunch of things that you could have easily rectified try thanking the people that take their time away from their families so that you can vote. They never hear a ďthanks for being hereĒ so that I can vote. Maybe some day you could even help out at the polls!

I doubt very much if this will be printed but I had to get it off my chest.

Barry Hagan