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Residents flock to polls in Phoenixville on Election Day

By Heather Tyrrell, Phoenix Editor,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

PHOENIXVILLE Residents flocked to the polls to cast their vote during this election.
In the afternoon, Judge of Elections at Phoenixville Borough Hall Beverly Albertus said the poll was very busy.
We have 719 people on our list of voters and more than 200 have voted already, Albertus said.
She said the presidential election was a reason more people were coming out.
I think its a crucial election, Albertus said.
Borough Vice President Mike Speck was at the borough hall poll greeting people. Speck said he is running for mayor next year and was going to the various polls in the borough to help spread the word.
Judge of Elections at the Phoenixville Area Middle School poll Margaret Van Naerssen said 236 people had cast their votes so far and it was still early in the afternoon.
In the first hour, we had 60 people, Van Naerssen said. That is big for our precinct.
She said at times there were some slow periods and then it would pick up there.
Three high school students were helping out at the precinct.
Certain issues make people passionate about ensuring that they cast their vote.
Mark Elliott said he was going to vote for Mitt Romney.
I want more money in my wallet and better job security, Elliott said.
He said he watched the debates and made his decision to vote for Romney during the last several months.