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TEEN PAGE...Madden NFL 13: Best yet or downgraded?

By Austin Starczewski, Phoenixville Area High School

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apparently, EA Sports, the creators of the Madden NFL franchise, wanted to make some huge changes to the latest version of their game. For more than a decade, the Madden NFL game has been linked with a “curse,” seemingly causing players on the cover to get injured in the following season. This year, Madden has cursed itself by making some awful changes to the game.
The Madden series, named after Hall of Fame coach, John Madden, originated in 1988 and ever since has been one of the best selling games in history. Sports fans fly off the couch the day it comes out to get the latest version. There are many factors as to why the game is loved so much by all, such as the accurate player ratings, the improved graphics, and the game play that makes fans across the country feel like they are part of the game. However, even as Madden continues to please NFL followers and gamers alike, the latest version, Madden 13, is highly surrounded with controversy.
Personally, I am a huge football fan, and have been purchasing Madden for about seven years. That is why, on Aug. 28, I was stoked to go out and purchase Madden 13 as soon as I could. I purchased it the day of its release, and have been disappointed ever since. Since the 1988 version of Madden, the “franchise” game mode has been a fan favorite, and I was shocked to see Madden do away with it. Madden continued to add on to its “Superstar” mode, in which you can create a player in the league and play with him. I personally think this game mode is great, and I love playing as Austin Starczewski and dominating the league, but it does not compare to franchise mode.
In franchise mode you play as your favorite team and go through numerous seasons controlling everything about the team, and playing all the games. You could make trades, sign free agents, and then play out the season the way you want to. Also, in franchise mode, you could do a “fantasy draft” where before the season starts all the players in the league are put in a pool and you draft your team. That way you have a totally mixed up team and the season is much more fun. Unfortunately, Madden has done away with all of this, for no reason in particular and it has really frustrated its audience.
Because of these ridiculous changes, Madden has for the first time disappointed its audience, and is not worth the money. By taking out these game modes and functions, Madden has gotten worse since last year’s edition. Many people are going to continue to play the version from last year because it is the better game overall.
The differences in game play between Madden 12 and Madden 13 are very subtle, withsmall changes that make the game play in the new edition a little more realistic. However, the old Madden editions have incredible game play and awesome game modes, which is why I recommend not buying Madden 13. Because Madden took out the franchise mode and fantasy draft ability, it is not better than any other edition, and it is in fact worse. With Madden still succeeding in selling more than 900,000 copies on day one, a new EA Sports record, it has left many people wondering: What will happen next year? Has Madden officially cursed itself?
Rating: D
Publisher: EA Sports
Available for: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Ps Vita
Rating: E (everyone)
Austin Starczewski is a writer for Phoenixville Area High School’s newspaper, The Purple Press.