Celebrating the 90+ club in Phoenixville

Photo by Heather Tyrrell
Sen. Andy Dinniman gathers with all of the residents of Atria who are 90 and older.
Photo by Heather Tyrrell Sen. Andy Dinniman gathers with all of the residents of Atria who are 90 and older.

PHOENIXVILLE — It’s not every day people in their 90s get their day to shine.

On Sept. 19, people who are 90 or older were recognized in Phoenixville. State Sen. Andy Dinniman (D-19) made a visit to Phoenixville to present Senate Certificates of Recognition to people at Atria Woodbridge Place in Kimberton and the Phoenixville Area Senior Center.

Seventeen residents at Atria were recognized with certificates. The residents were Joseph Orosz, Anna Orosz, Freda Hirsch, Mary Monastero, Marion Maahs, James Terrell, Phyllis Terrell, Joseph Soliday, Rose Daly, Anna Beccaria, Kenneth Russo, Agnes Zach, Suzanne Dahl, Alberta Flamini, Helen Everett, Jean Smith and Mary Gennett. Fifteen of the 17 residents attended the celebration at Atria. Those who received certificates at the senior center were Lillian Nowaczyk, Albert Berardi, Eileen Raysor, Sophie McCrone, Betty Quay, Betty Gombos, Sadie Weney, Ursula Lusch, Mary McCabe, NickCorea, Isabel Rudick, Vera Michener, Michael Korobij,Mary Crabtree, Alex Szabo, Senator Dinniman, Lillian Catagnius, Marge Corropolese,Evelyn Resinger, Paul Gaydos and Wilhelmina Smith.

Dinniman had his picture taken with each resident. While presenting the certificates, he chatted with residents about how they like Atria and where they lived before moving to the independent and assisted living center.


“This is really nice,” one of the residents said as she was getting her picture taken with the senator. “I really appreciate this.”

Hirsch was the owner of Hirsch’s store in Phoenixville for 45 years. Dinniman asked her what she used to give student customers when they came to the store with good grades.

Hirsch said she rewarded students with candy or ice cream.

Dinniman also received a surprise during his visit to Atria. Ambassadors Maahs and Hirsch presented him with a key containing the words, “Honored Friend of Atria Woodbridge Place.”

During the key presentation, Atria Executive Director Wendy Lofgren told residents Atria wanted to give him the key because he comes there each year to give them certificates.

Atria Engage Life Director Donna Rachlin said, “Since 2007 he’s been coming here and we wanted to thank him because he cares so much about the elderly.”

Dinniman was happy to receive the key and said he would place it in his office window in West Chester.

“I’m honored to be a friend,” he said. “It’s so exciting I get to meet people who are over 90 years old. I’ve learned a lot.”

According to a press release from Dinniman’s office, the senator has presented certificates to about 1,000 seniors each year through the 90+ Birthday program.