Phantoms spend time with veterans in the Phoenixville area

The Phantoms share ice cream with a resident from the Southeastern Veterans Center.

To match the military appreciation theme of Friday’s football game, the Phantoms spent some quality time with veterans in the area this week.

On Sunday, the football team visited the Southeastern Veterans Center. Veterans told them about their time in the military and the Phantoms shared ice cream with them.

A few veterans spoke to the team during a practice on Thursday.

Kate Endres of the Phoenixville Football Parents Association said Mike Speck, borough council vice president and Marine veteran, Ricky Knight of the Veteran Corps of Engineers and Larry Bengough an Active Reserve Marine spoke to the team about the values of working as a team, like in the military. Endres said the team spoke about hard work, discipline, being faithful to your team, having your teammates back and supporting one another.