Phoenixville Area School District, education association not agreeing on contract

PHOENIXVILLE — The Phoenixville Area School District Board of School Directors has been negotiating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, or contract, with the Phoenixville Area Education Association for the past 30 months, according to a press release.

The current contract expired on June 30, 2010. During the negotiations, both groups have worked diligently toward resolution, but differences remain between the two sides. The Board Negotiating Team has decided it is time to reach out for help in the form of an independent third party.

On Aug. 24, 2012, PASD filed a request with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board to appoint a fact finder to help the two parties reach agreement on a new contract. If this request is granted, both parties will present their latest proposals to the fact finder for consideration. The fact finder will issue a non-binding recommendation within 40 days of his/her appointment. Both parties may choose to accept or reject those findings.

“It is our hope that with this help, the two parties will be able to close that final gap and come to terms on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement,” the school district states in the release.