Tyrrell's Tidbits: Another great year for BlobFest

Heather Tyrrell is the editor of The Phoenix.
Heather Tyrrell is the editor of The Phoenix.

PHOENIXVILLE — The town of Phoenixville is full of festivals. One festival I think that really makes Phoenixville stand out is BlobFest.

It’s not only a family-friendly event, but also celebrates an interesting part of local history: the filming of the theatre scene of the 1958 movie, “The Blob.”

Last year was my first year of attending the festival and I had a blast. So far I have only been able to attend the street fair. Luckily with both times I’ve been to BlobFest, I’ve been able to see different aspects of it. Last year I watched The Buzzards perform and people take the stage for the costume contest.

This year I arrived at BlobFest a little later than I wanted to on Saturday with my husband. It was his first BlobFest. He wanted to come with me last year, but wasn’t feeling well at the time. He was really excited to experience the festival he’s been hearing about for so long.


We arrived in time to see the Olde City Sideshow featuring Danny Borneo, Martin Ling and Reggie Bugmúncher. It was entertaining with tons of human stunts including eating worms, swallowing swords and other things that make you say, “That’s gotta hurt.”

We enjoyed taking a look at the Violators Motor Club’s old cars. It really helps you take a step back to the past. We heard a little bit of music from The Buzzards. In addition, we stopped by the Phoenix Village Art Center to see all of the creativity with the Tin Foil Hat Contest. We also enjoyed stopping at some the vendors’ tables to see what they were selling.

Before leaving BlobFest, I knew we just had to stop by Artisans for the Blob dessert. I had been talking about trying the cupcake all day. (See, the BlobFest even offers something yummy for pregnant ladies ...me.) My husband ate the chocolate cupcake and I devoured the red velvet one.

I am glad the weather was not as hot as last year. It was tolerable to be outside with all of the excitement with overcast skies at times.

If you haven’t been able to check out BlobFest yet, I suggest that next year you stop by to enjoy all of the fun it brings to Phoenixville.