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Jennifer Daywalt
Jennifer Daywalt

I live in a town home community and therefore do not control the curb appeal. Yet I hear so often how important curb appeal is when selling a home. Are there ways to make mine nicer even though I donít do the lawn care?

Absolutely there are lots of ways! Here are a few:

1. Make sure the exterior of the house is clean. This would include cleaning the shudders, interior and exterior of windows, trim around the windows, the front door/screen door areas.

2. Place a large colorful flower pot either on one side of the door or on both sides of the door if there is room and put flowing colorful flowers in them.


3. Put an inviting mat at the front door that adds color to the front area.

4. If permitted, plant a few colorful flowers at the front of the home.

5. If permitted hand a plant from the overhang that flows downward.

6. If you have a patio, place a small table and two chairs and set the table for lunch. Add a colorful pot with flowers in this area as well.

7. Place clean white shears on the windows and keep your interior lights on during the evening hours.

These few tips should help you obtain a good curb appeal, even when you donít have much control.

I donít have much money to upgrade my home prior to selling it. But it is older and darker. I would like to lighten it but cosmetically. My floors are hardwood and the windows are older. I also have paneling in a few rooms. Do you have any options for those on a low budget to do some upgrading and brightening?

There are good products on the market such as Orange Glow that will brighten your hardwood floors and make them shine. I prefer to clean the floors by hand with this product as it provides a smooth sheen. You can paint the walls in a nice neutral color such as beige and paint the trim in a bright white. Then clean the windows on the interior and exterior and hang bright white sheers. Change the lighting by adding new, but inexpensive, lighting fixtures or lamps. This will brighten your rooms. Paneling can also be painted a neutral color to brighten. If you have the time and patience you can fill in the paneling lines with wood filler and then paint but this will take much time.

If your kitchen has wood cabinets you can apply lemon oil to them and add new hardware such as brushed nickel. Paint the walls neutral in these rooms as well and replace lighting. This should help to brighten up your kitchen.

Allowing lots of light to shine through the house, adding neutral colors and bright lighting should eliminate the darkness in your home.

Can you refer someone to me that can assist me in moving heavy furniture and items out of my house and into storage? I am unable to physically do this task myself.

I do not have anyone specific that I know and does this type of work. However a moving company should be able to provide you with the help you are searching for. There are many companies out there so it would be best to call a few and find out what they would charge you to complete this work. I have found that Ericís Moving in Spring City has done a good job for my past clients. But take the time to speak to a few and decide which will be the best fit for you.

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