The Spinal Column: Let's hear it for men

Dr. Jim Schaffer
Dr. Jim Schaffer

When I sit down to write this article each week I usually check in with myself and see what situation, news item, patient issue, or conversations I may have overheard, that have really fueled my passion for chiropractic this week.

What is the topic that keeps running through my head? Sometimes it is clear as a bell to me. That is usually the time where we heard from a parent that their childís health problem is so much better that they received an email from the teacher telling them what a great job their son or daughter has done actually focusing on science in science class this week. Or the mom who tells us how she has gone through a whole month without feeling that hormones are running her life! These stories are so real and exciting that our entire office gets ďfired up about chiropractic.Ē It is so wonderful that these stories come to us on a regular basis. Stories of moms and their kids having life changing health benefits through the simplicity of chiropractic.

I say simplicity because chiropractic is a very simple and exact science. Chiropractors realign the bones of your spine so that they are not pinching on your nerves, hence your nervous system. If your nervous system is clear and able to work at 100 percent your brain will then be in total communication with all the organs and cells and tissues and all the parts of your body, telling them exactly how to work. Your brain will tell them exactly how to make you work correctly, how to pump your heart correctly, how to digest food correctly, how to deal with pollens and peanuts correctly, how to release insulin in certain amounts at certain times correctly, how to balance estrogen and progesterone and testosterone correctly and how to drain the ear canal and avoid fluid build up correctly.

Even typing the last paragraph gets me fired up about chiropractic.


This week when I was checking in with myself about what is guiding my passion, I ran through many patient stories and took notice of one fact that I did not care for so much. There are many more women patients in our practice than men! It doesnít take a genius to come up with a reason for that scenario. We men do not take care of ourselves, as we should. We are programmed to take care of our family, our dog, our business, our yard, our car, our retirement fund, our garage even! Personally, I donít ever remember my dad sitting me down and saying, ďSon, it would make me so proud of you if you took care of your health and well-being.Ē Nope, that was never a part of any of the lecture my dad shared. ďApply your self and you will achieve more.Ē Yes, that is familiar. Or, ďEducation is the key to success.Ē Yep, that was one as well.

These statements most likely hit home to many men in our community. It is an honorable role to be responsible for the health and well-being of your family, as so many men and women know very well. But it seems as men, we forget to make time for our own health and well-being!

You may be a guy who goes to the gym everyday and you run the treadmill, which is great for your cardio vascular system. And you pump your weights until your veins are nice and plump. This is all good for you.

But what I are talking about here is if you are the guy who, after you leave the gym you pop medication each day so your sinus infection is under control, or your colitis is maintained, whose blood pressure relies on that pill...or any number of unrelenting health issues. It is possible that chiropractic can help you be free of that.

In honor of Fatherís Day, Iíd like to share with you two ďSuccess StoriesĒ we have from a couple of male patients at our office. (It is also true in our office that women are more willing to tell their health testimonial than men.) I am doing this in hopes that it will inspire any man who has been so focused on meeting so many responsibilities that he has put aside his health.

Iíd like to see these men take the time to have their spine checked to ensure that their vertebrae (spinal bones) are in line where they were designed to be. If all your vertebrae are in their correct position, your nervous system is able to operate more efficiently. This will ensure better health for you, which is in fact a very important part of taking care of your family, your dog, your business, your yard, your car, your retirement fund, your garage.

So, enjoy, reflect and do something for yourself this week.

And if you are reading this and know a dad, forward this healthy message as a Fatherís Day gift.

See you next week.

Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim Schaffer of Kimberton Chiropractic Center located in Phoenixville, is a weekly contributor to The Phoenix. 484-921-4936

Success stories

Success Story: Digestion Issues

I had a very bad case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome for four months and could hardly tolerate food except for oatmeal and bananas. My life had turned into a depressed, hopeless existence. In despair, I went to the internet with hope of a miracle cure. Various article mentioned a correlation between the brain and stomach and nerve impulses being sent from the brain to the digestive system to perform the peristaltic process correctly. In IBS, the nerves do not communicate correctly and the process becomes disorganized leading to the pain, bloating gas and intolerance of digestion.

After reading this information, I realized that I had been reading Dr. Schafferís articles, The Spinal Column, in the local paper and they were saying the same thing, but he explained that Chiropractic is what reconnects the communication between the nervous system, brain and the body functions.

I am in my fourth week of chiropractic care with Dr. Schaffer and my IBS has almost completely disappeared. I feel my nervous system has been readjusted by the treatments enabling the brain to stomach signals to work properly.

The x-rays of my spine had shown that the Lumbar area of the spine was misaligned and could definitely, according to Dr. Schaffer, have caused my IBS. I will continue to receive treatments to have my spine in optimal condition.

During this holiday season I have been able to enjoy all the traditional foods that I loved and missed before the chiropractic treatments cured my IBS!

Thank you

Alex Mirzoeff

Prior to joining the Schafferís practice at Kimberton Chiropractic, I was experiencing chronic congestion and infection in my sinuses and recurring bronchitis. I consider myself to be a generally heathy person, so the rapid and continual onset of these issues was an unfortunate and depressing development. I went to my GP and was prescribed antibiotics, but after each course of drugs the infection would return. I went through five rounds of different antibiotics with the same result - recurring infection. I also was given steroids and inhalers etc. I am not against taking medication, but it was becoming too much.

My wife and my children had all been to visit Dr. Schaffer and suggested I give it a try. Dr. Schaffer took the time to understand my concerns, and also explained the basic tenets of Chiropractic medicine and what we would be working to achieve.

I have been receiving treatment now for the past 5+ months and have been infection free. In addition, I feel that I have more energy and my balance has improved. I donít know if the energy/balance boost is a result of not fighting off infection or if itís just a general side affect of treatment and overall better nervous system function. Regardless, I could not be happier with my progress and would recommend Chiropractic care in general and Kimberton Chiropractic and the Schafferís specifically.

Scott Barclay