Pennypacker Mills offers hands-on fun in 1900s History Center

Use a scale to weigh your purchases in the General Store.
Photo courtesy of Pennypacker Mills
Use a scale to weigh your purchases in the General Store. Photo courtesy of Pennypacker Mills

“Explore, Engage & Interact” experiences for families are promised at the Pennypacker Mills Historic Site’s 1900s History Center.

Visitors canspend a weekend afternoon at exploring the center in the historic barn where the General Store will be open for business, the horse and buggy are ready to climb aboard.

Transportation exhibits offer insights into how people traveled, and different activities will be available each day. These fun experiences are free. Starting this Saturday, the History Center will be open on weekends from 1 to 4 p.m. until Sunday, Aug. 25.

Visitors can learn how people lived in the early 1900s with pen and ink handwriting, making a “poke” to carry your dry goods in, role-playing a breaker boy in a coal mine, predicting the future in 100 years, and more.


Guests also can visit the air-conditioned Pennypacker mansion for a guided tour of this home that belonged to one of Pennsylvania’s governors.

Two floors of the mansion are open for tours along with our new exhibit, “Who’s Who Among Governors from Montgomery County.”

Find out who the seven men were who held the office of governor and at one time lived in the county from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

Guided tours are also free.

Pennypacker Mills Historic Site is operated by the Montgomery County Department of Assets and Infrastructure, Division of Parks, Trails, & Historic Sites. Located at 5 Haldeman Road in Schwenksville, Montgomery County, PA, Pennypacker Mills offers year-round guided tours, changing exhibits, seasonal events, and educational programs.

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