‘We'll miss Julianne's smile and laugh'

Julianne Siller
Julianne Siller

The news of the murder of Royersford teen Julianne Siller hit close to home for one family.

“It just breaks our hearts to see such a fun loving person who had so much life to give be taken from us way to soon from such a senseless act,” said Charry K. Schubert, who has been a neighbor of the Siller family for the past 13 years.

The 17-year-old Spring-Ford High School senior was stabbed to death in Skippack on May 25.

“Words can’t explain the pain we are all feeling for the family and friends of Julianne. Prayers and thoughts are with the families and friends during this difficult time.”


Schubert described her as “very fun loving, with a wonderful personality and a very beautiful smile.”

People know her best for her love of cats, she said.

But what will Schubert miss most?

“Her beautiful smile and laugh.”

Those who knew Julianne have been leaving messages for her on a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/

964235903148/?fref=ts (R.I.P. Julianne Siller).

Below is just a few of the comments posted.

Brittney Chiccarine

Everyone is wearing purple tonight (at the candlelight vigil) just for you babe. Going to be such a rough but touching night. We’re sending you balloons up into the sky so you better be prepared to catch them! Our candles will be burning bright so I’m sure you’ll be able to spot us on the field. My heart aches more everyday. Wait till (sic) you see the amount of people coming tonight to celebrate your life...you’re SO incredibly loved. I love you my sweet Julianne and please help us through tonight, please. Rest easy my angel

Mckenzie Greco

Morning beautiful. I miss you more then (sic) I could even bring to explain. God has one hell of an angel up there that’s for sure. Keep watching over all of us and help us through. Ps, all of us from the group chat that you so happily started are meeting today! You would so love that (: we all love you Julianne.

Adrienne Winter Sharp

I don’t even know where to start. My heart just breaks for everyone. Julianne you were such a beautiful funny kind carefree girl, who deserved life! I will always remember the sound of laughter from you and Brianna. The infectious smile you always had, & that blonde hair. The memories that Brianna has with you will forever be in her heart. I am thankful to have met you, and happy you were one of Brianna’s friends. No one will ever understand why this had to happen to you, but you will never be forgotten.

Sydney Casey

I would give anything for this not to be real. I think about you every second of the day and I miss you already. You were always someone I could count on to be crazy with and have a good time. I’m so thankful to have met you, and I will never forget you beautiful. I love you Julie

Edna Ganski

Oh Hunny how I miss you dearly-:( I don’t have words to express how I am feeling. I loved your infectious smile & laughter you had when you would come in my house with Ashley-:( if Ashley wasn’t at your house swimming you were at ours. I have been extremely blessed to have had such a great friend to Ashley & like a third daughter to me. It truly is a tragedy for such a horrific crime at the hands of someone else. Your family & all of your friends & extended families(such as ours) have had our hearts broken & will take everything in our power to live on. I know your are the best guardian Angel we will ever have. I loved when you were over & went to leave my house with Ashley , I would tell you girls to be careful & I loved you both .... Ashley would say ‘Ok Mom’ & roll her eyes sometimes like I was embarrassing her but you would smile & say ‘Love U to Momma Ganski’ and would chuckle. LOL-:) R.I.P...

Sidney Garofalo

It doesn’t seem real to me that you’re gone. It’s hard to believe that someone I considered a big sister isn’t here anymore. There was never a time when you were over, which was almost every day, when you weren’t smiling. You always found the silver lining in every situation, and I’m trying to do the same now, but I can’t. Watch over everyone,Julie. Love you forever Julianne Siller

Caleigh Falco

My little baby julz Gosh, I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to wrap my head around this. It’s not fair that you out of everyone were the most excited to graduate and move on to the next four years at Altoona and now can’t. A lot of things aren’t fair in life and a lot of things take time for healing and understanding but this is something that will never come to make sense in my head. I know time is going to help me but our good memories are forever scarred in my heart. Ill never forget your crazy stories you’d tell me in class, or the times we’d try to study and end up curling each others hair or making bracelets or having long deep talks. Those things will always stay with me along with many other things that remind me of you. I’m trusting God has a plan and allows healing in all of our lives, especially your family’s. Life is beautiful and no body (sic) ever emphasized that more than you. You always were the one to make your own decisions, say what you felt, and did exactly what you wanted disregarding anyone that stood in your way. You have taught me more than you can imagine. I’m asking that God heals and continues to hold the ones hurting and I pray that you’re realizing just how special of a girl you were to everyone. We miss you so much, Julianne. I love you forever and always.