Parzival Academy coming to Chester County

The Parzival Academy will be coming to the Pughtown, Pa., area, 10 miles northwest of Valley Forge Park.

The academy intends to serve children who need more time: time to find themselves in their bodies and their beings; time to strengthen the constitutional forces that will be required for intellectual work; time to strengthen the foundational skills required for deeper thinking and time to believe in themselves.

Inspired by the philosophy of Waldorf Education The Parzival Academy will offer an elementary school program with a truly comprehensive curriculum that will include small class sizes and therapeutic programs to meet the needs of children with alternative learning styles, and sensory and/or social sensitivities. The class work will be broad and deep, with a healthy balance of academics integrated with the arts, movement and practical activities. Painting, movement/curative eurythmy, outdoor nature studies and handcrafts, for example, provide meaning to and support the academic work in imaginative and practical ways.

The Parzival Academy is in its planning and development year. The aim is to open with grades 1 to 4 this the fall, adding grades 5 to 8 next year. The initiative is undertaken by a group of dedicated teachers, parents and administrators with extensive backgrounds both in Waldorf and in Special Education.


A number of information meetings are planned.


Call to Confirm; Locations subject to change

May 9 (10 a.m. Camp Sankanac)

May 16, (10 a.m. Camp Sankanac)

May 23rd (10 a.m. call for Location)

June 2nd (3 p.m. call for Location)

Please contact Nancy Dill Miller at 610-574-7626 or at