Tyrrell's Tidbits: The Phoenix is expanding its coverage area

Heather Tyrrell
Heather Tyrrell

In November, my family grew by one precious baby.

Then, just recently, I found out The Phoenix “family” was going to be expanding too.

As you can see several weekly newspapers, The Phoenix, The Valley Item and the Spring-Ford Reporter, have merged into one newspaper. The is our first merged edition. Our full title is The Phoenix-Reporter-Item.

This is a positive change because it will provide our readers with even more community news. We added the areas of Limerick, Linfield, Zieglerville, Collegeville, Schwenksville, Skippack, Trappe Spring Mount and Delphi. In addition, we are covering Perkiomen Valley School District which will be the third school district for the newspaper. We already cover some of Spring-Ford, but we will be delving into that area more. The Neighbors section is changed to Our Towns to further show the towns that we are covering.


Just because we expanded our coverage areas doesn’t mean we are forgetting about Phoenixville. Phoenixville is still a focus on the front pages and throughout the paper. For other areas, look for special headers (Perkiomen Valley News and Spring-Ford News) for your hometown news.

Another positive change is more home delivery. Now the people who want to get the paper each week without going to a single copy location can get it delivered to their doors.

Want to find out about upcoming concerts, plays, musicals and other things to do in this area? Check out Ticket, a section devoted to regional entertainment.

As you can see, something that hasn’t changed is the editor. As you can see, I am still the editor of the merged edition.

I am excited about the new changes and hope that you will enjoy them too.

This is a rebirth for the newspaper just like the phoenix mythological bird is reborn when it rises from the flames.

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