Tyrrell's Tidbits: Being a kid again

Heather Tyrrell
Heather Tyrrell

Although those who are older than 28, would probably still call me a “kid,” I feel that having a child often times makes me feel more like an adult.

While balancing my responsibilities, I am noticing there is less time to do the things I used to do like go out to dinner with friends, watch TV and other hobbies. I am not complaining because when my husband and I had the official talk about wanting children, I knew that when I became a mother, I had to take care of my child’s needs first rather than focus on my hobbies.I may have less time to socialize with my friends I’ve known since elementary or high school, but they will always be there if they are good friends.

Having a baby around provides a different type of fun. It allows you to be a kid again too in the nostaglic sense because you get to play with toys again. Logan’s nursery has a Winnie the Pooh theme so a lot of baby shower presents were Winnie the Pooh characters. One of his grandmas bought him an Eeyore pillow pet. This stuffed animal is bigger than Logan right now, but in time that will change. Logan enjoys laying on his blanket and stroking Eeyore’s pillow soft ears or batting him with his hand. I get a kick out of watching him. I’ve always loved stuffed animals and I enjoy it when Logan spends time with the many he already has.

I’ve also been able to reconnect with memories I had of my early days of reading. In elementary school, I loved Dr. Seuss books. When I was pregnant with Logan, we bought several for him. He used to kick a lot when we read “Cat in the Hat” to him while he was in the womb. Now he really pays attention to it when we read it to him. If I had to guess I would say that book and “Goodnight Moon” are his favorites by the way he intently looks at them while I read to him.


During Easter when I was a kid, we would dye eggs and have Easter egg hunts inside of the house. (Luckily my mom, the neat freak, remembered where she hid the eggs and made sure we gathered all of the eggs so we prevented any stinky disasters.)

I am excited for Logan to participate in those activities, but I don’t want to rush him out of the baby stage. My husband and I took him to see the Easter Bunny a few weeks ago. Logan was asleep in the car seat when we were in the mall and I thought he would cry when he woke up. He was still in a fog, but he didn’t cry while I handed him over to the Easter Bunny.

I am looking forward to the weather getting warmer so I can take him in the stroller around the neighborhood. There are just so many things to look forward to!

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