Youth violinist teaches other to smile

Brittany Sterling Young
Brittany Sterling Young

Valley Forge Mountain resident Brittany Sterling Young has began playing violin since the age of four, creating and launching a Junior String Ensemble at her elementary school by age 7.

Performance venues and experiences include Phoenixville Senior Center, Parkhouse Nursing Home, The Kimmel Center, Bryn Mawr College, Ithaca College,The Haverford School, Villa Maria Academy, Waldron Mercy Academy, Merion Mercy Academy, Vilar Center for the Arts - Beaver Creek, Colo., and Luzerne Music Center.

With a strong interest in collaboration and service to others, Brittany founded a program uniting young musicians and seniors - known as S.M.I.L.E. - Sharing Music, An Intergenerational Learning Experience. Recognizing the positive impact music has on seniors (particularly those with neurological issues), Brittany engaged fellow young musicians to share their gift of music with seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living centers. The musicians receive community service hours through their schools for volunteering their time and the seniors receive the multitude of health and social benefits through the universal language of music.

The residents of Parkhouse Nursing Home in Collegeville have been graced with her beautiful music for many years....particularly those in the dementia ward who frequently sing along (as the music helps them to recall past events). The quality of their lives is important to Brittany and her commitment to them is unwavering. This is truly intergenerational work at its best!


Brittany is presently an 8th Grade Student at Waldron Mercy Academy and is already a member of Merion Mercy Academy High School Orchestra (where she just received both the Music Scholarship and an Academic Scholarship).